Tech skills

Like most communicators working these days, I have a supporting trick bag of programs, platforms and areas of expertise. Here are some of the things I can do.

Social/SEO/Lead management

If I write for your website, my work will be found. I have a deep understanding of social media best practices and SEO writing that’s effective but not awkward or pushing the boundaries of punitive.

My skills with Google Analytics are strong and extend far beyond the basics, but there’s always more to learn as the ability to parse web data grows. My favorite new secret weapon? Structured data with schema markup. It’s gr-r-r-eat!

Buffer? Hootsuite? Yes, or  whatever social posting platform is best for the situation. How about we streamline our efforts with a handy Zap? Zapier makes all kinds of automation easy.

I wish I could say I’m a Hubspot guru, but I’m merely trained. I get it, though, and would become proficient quickly if exposed.


WordPress: I’m about as comfortable configuring, administering and using a WP CMS as I am driving to the grocery store. And I know the rules of engagement for this woolly but powerful platform, which has evolved immeasurably since I started using it in 2008.

That said, I’m also comfortable in Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine and others. Is yours custom? I bet it works fundamentally the same way as at least one other that I’ve used.

Adobe CS: I’ve been using Adobe products since 1995 and subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. I regularly use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat Professional, and have been dabbling in a few others.

What’s your email marketing platform? If it’s MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact or something integrated with your CMS, I’ve already got it down cold. If not, I can learn it. Are you using the automation tools at your disposal? If not, let’s set those up.

Does your site run advertising? I’ve got chops in DFP, Revive and AdButler.

I also know my way around digital editing programs like Avid, Final Cut (novice level), Audacity, iMovie and more, and am working to improve my skills.

I am working to develop passable skills in CSS, Javascript and HTML 5. I currently understand how each of these works and can make small edits to existing code or script, but I want to learn more.


Whether you work in Office, iWork, Drive, Open Office or Zoho, I’m compatible.

CRM, you say? Do you prefer Highrise, Salesforce, something else? Let’s set it up right and manage those leads, shall we?

Basecamp and Trello have an important place in the productivity world, and I love them both.

Bonus: I’m OS agnostic, comfortable on both Mac and PC.